Thursday, 26 January 2012

1938 AVBCW BUF Manchester legion.

first a little back story.

After the disaster that was the attempted invasion of the isle of man the BUF in Manchester where faced with serious manpower shortages with there men ever been sent to deal with other fronts or trapped on the isle of man. The BUF high command started a massive recruitment campaign which resulted in three new legions being formed. the first infantry the second mechanical and the third militia legion.

The third primary role was to hold positions in Manchester to free up the first and second to allow them to take a more active role in the field. Unfortunately the third has been throw into combat all across the north west and has seen action on the siege line at Liverpool.

One of the units is the third cohort that has been deployed to guard an airstrip to the north of the city but that another story.

and here are the pictures.

the command squad.

the first squad.


and close up.

hope everyone like them and remember this is just my view you can feel free to disagree. also i do not agree with any of the BUF policies i just need some bad guys. (:

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