Sunday, 24 November 2013

National guard squad

Hello everybody.

Here the latest thing of my desk. A squad of the Arkham 365th combat aviation brigade and one of there helo's. They are currently deployed with the UN intervention forces in Ukuechana.

 photo Natinolgaurdsquad1_zps2c5f08fa.jpg

Hope you guys like them. :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Reporter team.

Hey guys. Just finished a reporter team for my modern warfare gaming.

 photo DSCN0979_zpsaae40866.jpg

Hope you guys like them :)

Early war french foreign legion.

Greetings chaps. Latest thing of my paint desk is a squad of french foreign legionaries for the early war period. I hope there in the correct uniform.

 photo FFL_zps2e9c783b.jpg

Hope you guys like them. Figures from warlord games.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Marines and the navy.

Hello everyone. Latest of my painting desk is more American troops for the operations in Ukuechana.

Some marines.
 photo Bettermarines_zps21250a89.jpg

And a navy intelligence officer.
 photo Betternavyofficer_zpsfe2a7e47.jpg

Hope everyone like them. :)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Garrison building.

Small update in the form of my garrison building the brilliant lads at warbases have made for me. Now the troops and civilians will have a place to sleep.

 photo DSCN0960_zps2eff3f1d.jpg

Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

SEAL team.

Hey guys.

My SBS have gotten reinforcements in the form of a United states SEAL team.
 photo SEALS_zps2c0afd41.jpg

Hope you like them.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Modern soldiers.

Greeting chaps.

Just showing you the latest items from my new modern warfare project.

A squad of the national guard.
 photo gaurd3_zps11444bfa.jpg

A fire team of SBS. ( complete with pixelated faces.)

 photo pixledshot_zps0817808f.jpg

Hope you like them. Details of the project to follow.

Monday, 22 July 2013

86 wildcards platoon.

Well it been a while but here the rest of them so far.

The whole platoon.
 photo DSCN0869_zps2cbb092b.jpg

Diamond squad with there Comanche IFV
 photo DSCN0873_zps0a1c2e9e.jpg

Spade squad. ( Yes i know the gunner arm is't painted.  :oops: )
 photo DSCN0876_zpsadeee06e.jpg

The survivors of spade squad with the platoons weevil medical assistant.
 photo DSCN0875_zps51b915f0.jpg

Hope you guys like them and i can't wait for the female marines.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

An officer and a gentleman.

Greetings everyone.

Just thought i'd share two british army officers i found in my bit box. Now serving in the manchester regiment.

 photo IMG_0345_zpsffe050a7.jpg

Hope you guys like them :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Some law and order in a zombified britain.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Just thought you'd like to see the latest thing of my painting desk. Another group of survivors for my zombie games. They are a team of specialist firearms officers britain's version of a swat team.

A little information about them.

A Specialist Firearms Officer (SFO) is a British Police officer who has undergone training in the use of police firearms, and therefore is authorised to carry and when necessary use a firearm to prevent an immediate threat to life. All SFOs first train as Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) which crew armed response vehicles. SFOs receive a higher level of training than AFOs, in areas such as building assault and specialist weapon usage. The common role of an SFO is to assault premises involved in a siege situation

 photo IMG_0565_zpsb2d9df0e.jpg

Hope you guys like them. :)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

ATZ first game. Pre game plan and background.

Greetings everybody. Just about to do my first game of ATZ.

The game will be the start of my all things zombie campaign. The scenario?

Day five. Riots have been reported for days now and what is responsible has finally reached public view despite what the government has been saying. Law and order has begun to break down as people began to flee the cities. Scotland has been hit the worst with several cities already lost to the growing zombie epidemic. The government has decided to begin evacuating from several safe zones created near the city’s. Several have to be established by the SAS and elements of the para’s are been flown in to guard them until the Scottish regiments can take over.

Corporal Ewan Thomson of the Manchester air core is flying a squad of the sixth para’s ( both units have been made up by the way.) to a farm outside of St’Andrews to link up with the SAS squad guarding the place. Contact has been lost but in the current state that isn't unusual. Secure the site and locate the SAS team.

The two groups are team lynx lead by a fictional version of me consisting of (from left to right.)
 photo IMG_0424_zps795c7655.jpg
Nat level 5 grunt. Alex level 4 grunt. Ewan level 5 star. Gareth level 4 grunt and Steel level 4 grunt.

The para’s on the other hand have turned out much worse. I did not make up these results up.
 photo IMG_0426_zps60e61fbb.jpg
They basically are a level 5 star in the center, level 5 veteran with the Light machine gun on the far right and three level 3 recruits.

Setting the scene.

The rain was slowly bearing down on the windscreen of the lynx helicopter. Inside the para squad where making the final checks on their weapons. No one was speaking they were two busy wrapped up in there thought’s. No one could get the images they’d seen on the news out of there head. The dead were returning to life and attacking the living. Back at Manchester the situation was contained for now but the reports from Scotland where worse than they could have hoped for and now that contact had been lost with the team on the ground none of them felt safe.

In the cockpit Corporal Ewan and his co-pilot Nat sat in silence apart from the noise from the helo. “ Helo 7734 calling haggis come in.” Nat said into the radio. The static that came back was the answer they dreaded. “ Looks like there gone boss. What do we do now.” She asked over the helo coms.
“We land and secure the sight, it what are orders are. Besides the weather getting worse and I don’t want to try and fly back in the dark.” He replied. She simply nodded in reply as the helo began to lower from the sky. A final click of weapons as the helo touched down in the bogy field.

 “ Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Scotland. Let go we have zombies to kill.” Ewan yelled as he stepped out of his helo. Through the pouring rain he could see shapes moving through the rain. He tightened his grip on his rifle and moved towards the farm buildings.

Will post the AAR as soon as it done.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Poundland british army supply truck. WIP

Hey guys.

Just thought i'd share the truck i'm working on. It a truck from poundland that i'm turning into a supply truck for my modern brits. It not perfect 28mm but it will do and you can't complain for a pound. It even holds a S&S landrover.

 photo DSCN0749_zpsb60d25a1.jpg

Hope you guys like it. :)

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Team Lynx out of uniform. Nat

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Starting to work on another idea i've had kicking around in my head. Mainly what team lynx would be after surviving several months of fighting for there lives in a zombie apocalypse. First one is Nat

 photo Natfront_zpsc02e8079.jpg
 photo Natrear_zps9303f671.jpg

Hope you guys like her.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hans more Knackwurst and Weizen

Greeting gentlemen. here a are group of German advisor's for the Jacobite's at Carronade.

 photo DSCN0705_zpsb882bc9d.jpg
hope you guys like them  :vbcw

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another zombie survivor.

Greeting ladies and gentlemen.

Here another zombie survivor i'v done.

This is Domnall Logan former sergeant of the special boat service. How well we he cope in the new world stay tuned to find out.

 photo SBSR_zps61035c31.jpg

Monday, 18 February 2013

Team lynx. A very british zombie hunter team.

Some time in 2009 the world ended. The crew of Lynx seventy seven where conducting training exercises when they realised the world they knew was gone for ever. Hopefully that army training would pay off.

The whole team.
 photo Teamlynx_zps0afc429a.jpg
The grunts Ashley and Gareth with team leader/pilot Ewan.
 photo AshleyGarethandEwan_zpsb9577b10.jpg
and co-pilot Natalya and mascot Zoey.
 photo NatandZoey_zpsc47005d2.jpg

Hope you guys like them. Starting on the zombies now.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Have no fear the fiends are here.

Greeting gentlemen.

 Here the first squad of the the Romanian volunteers fighting in Manchester.
romanians_zps2ab4e39a photo romanians_zps2ab4e39a.jpg

Still need an coat of anti varnish but there basically done.

Hope you guys like them. :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The army of crusading light.

Greeting ladies and gentlemen.

Here is the first platoon of the army of crusading light. A volunteer force of fascists from across Europe who have come to Britain to help the government deal with the godless force of the communists. Unit one stationed in Manchester consist of mostly German and Romanian troops. This is the German platoon.

Whole force
SS squad
squad one
squad two and support weapon.
Captain Hinrich and his second pose for a interview.

Second platoon under the command of Romanian captain Constanta is currently missing at the moment it like they don't like the sun. ;)
Hope you guys like them.