Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fiasco 2012 warbands.


The Manchester evening news has received word from the the siege line. In a cowardly sneak attack against are allies from Lancashire, several groups Liverpool traitors have broken through the lines and are currently running wild in the countryside behind the lines. If you see the following men please do not approche and inform the police or your local BUF commander.


Right back in the real world. these are four of the war bands that will be at FIASCO. All painted by me.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Baptised in fire.

Greetings. here the latest thing off my painting table.


A small platoon of polish soldiers over in Britain to support the Anglican league of Manchester.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sudan officer.

just a simple post of my avatar for my Sudan game.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Game at Triples.

greeting everyone just putting up the pictures of the AVBCW game at triples.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Future wars.

greeting ladies and gentlemen. The latest thing of my painting desk id this little thing.

it a IFV from antenocitisworkshop and it is going to be joining the marines of the 86 wild card UAMC marines from defiance games. here the profile I'm using for it in tomorrows war rules.

Comanche IFV
Class: medium
Basic TL: 3
Weapon TL: 3
Armour TL: 3
Sensors TL: 3
Front armour: 3d10
Side armour: 3D10
Rear armour: 3D10
Deck armour: 2D10
Main gun: medium Gauss gun
Secondary weapon: grenade launcher.
AP: 3D/AT:2D
Crew/Passengers: 2/15
Attributes: Heavy hitter, smoke dischargers, Mine resistant. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

some horrid Huns.

just a quick update.

with Britain under Edwards rule small groups of fascist volunteers have began coming too Britain to aid the kings forces against the rebels and the communists. this group serving in Manchester are fighting along side the third legion.
hope you guy's like them and again i do not support any of the groups in AVBCW they are there for wargaming purposes.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

1938 AVBCW BUF Manchester legion.

first a little back story.

After the disaster that was the attempted invasion of the isle of man the BUF in Manchester where faced with serious manpower shortages with there men ever been sent to deal with other fronts or trapped on the isle of man. The BUF high command started a massive recruitment campaign which resulted in three new legions being formed. the first infantry the second mechanical and the third militia legion.

The third primary role was to hold positions in Manchester to free up the first and second to allow them to take a more active role in the field. Unfortunately the third has been throw into combat all across the north west and has seen action on the siege line at Liverpool.

One of the units is the third cohort that has been deployed to guard an airstrip to the north of the city but that another story.

and here are the pictures.

the command squad.

the first squad.


and close up.

hope everyone like them and remember this is just my view you can feel free to disagree. also i do not agree with any of the BUF policies i just need some bad guys. (:

Sudan camel core.

greetings everyone.

Here my 28mm camel core


Hope you guys like them. now i have to get started on the horde of the Mahdi troops.