Sunday, 13 May 2012

Future wars.

greeting ladies and gentlemen. The latest thing of my painting desk id this little thing.

it a IFV from antenocitisworkshop and it is going to be joining the marines of the 86 wild card UAMC marines from defiance games. here the profile I'm using for it in tomorrows war rules.

Comanche IFV
Class: medium
Basic TL: 3
Weapon TL: 3
Armour TL: 3
Sensors TL: 3
Front armour: 3d10
Side armour: 3D10
Rear armour: 3D10
Deck armour: 2D10
Main gun: medium Gauss gun
Secondary weapon: grenade launcher.
AP: 3D/AT:2D
Crew/Passengers: 2/15
Attributes: Heavy hitter, smoke dischargers, Mine resistant. 

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